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​Sonification of the dynamic plane: Instruments and systems tuning in to the volatile and unpredictable potentials of matter,

from hard substance to the level of electron spin​

''A vast surrounding ocean of energy there behind, ready to break into active operation when the medium was at hand for it'' -- Rufus Jones

September 2022: recipient of CIRMMT Agile Seed Fund Grant for Magnetoacoustics research in collaboration with Jérémie Voix
Sept. 2022: finished version 2 of the vocal prosthetic 'Sprachpumpe' for Jonathan Sterne
Solo set at Casa del Popolo, Montréal, presented by Howl Arts: Jan. 16, 2020
Workshop and concerts with the Montréal Contemporary Music Lab, June 5-16, 2019
Concert with Induction Instruments: March 21, 2019 at Livart, Montréal
Persian-tuned Piano concert with Ramin Zoufonoun, San Francisco State University, Feb. 8, 2019


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