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Technical Fabrication/Commissions

Starry Sky Light Installation
Three-dimensional backdrop of 108 individual LED 'stars', programmable with Arduino board.
For a Sufi music concert in honor of the poet Rumi's 808th birthday.
Salle Pierre Mercure, Montréal.
the Sky is available for rent or sale.
Fibre-Optic Devices for String Vibration Sensing


Shock-mount two-axis adjustable devices in steel and Delrin. Each unit holds one fibre-optic transmitter and one receiver.

For Avrum Hollinger of Music Technology Dept., McGill University.

Approx. 2'' by 1'' by .5''

Mountings for Compact Spherical Loudspeaker Array

Fixtures in Delrin for 120-channel speaker array, capable of transmitting sound in 360 degrees. For Adrian Freed at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, UC Berkeley.​

Approx. 8'' by 2''


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